London, June 18th to June 21st, 2004

We Will Rock You

cool shot of blue lit columns of a building at night

night shot of telephone booth and streets

Top of a bus in Finsbury Park

"Keep the Zing In Your Thing"

cool Satellite building

Somewhere between Camdem town and Finsbury Park

Gareth pointed me out an "American" restaurant, I saw the menu, and I just had to take the photo.. this one goes out to VengaDan Perry

Shops in Camdem town (the Darkside/4 feet)

More shops in Camdem town (Great Gear/Punkyfish)

Really happy manic-quen inside arcade in Camden town

DOPEST pic of Gareth and Tracer possible

Somewhat dope pic of Gareth and DJ Shadow (and their new collaboration Ghettospectre)

I was trying to "raise da roof", but it looks like I'm telling God to "talk to da hand"

Random London party people

(So, Mark S and Spencer have been collaborating, I see...)

Sage advice from a record store

London sunset from airplane leaving for Iceland