GRAFFITI : Reykjavik, Iceland, June 21st - June 24th, 2004

(Note: these pics are not necessarily in chronological order. The weather may change quickly in Iceland, but not as quickly as this series may suggest)

"the puffies!"

"untitled 1"

"god is lonely silt"

"cry happiness"

"is up ére"

"capitalism is afraid of love"

"who are jú?"

"rock on?"

"untitled 2"

"untitled 3"

"ég er ekki jðm á! á!"


"nam nam nam namod namod namod youze r.i.p. (namod)"

"the big mama mind control unit"

"street life makes me smile"



"total fucking destruction"

"lord: please don't let me be misunderstood... / i am just a lone soul tempting 2 good / coming like a revelation. / i used to love her... / *fattbeats* / sailors from the sun... / you're the one..."

"osoma" (This is the name and logo of a fashion store in central Reykjavik whose main designer whence, I suspect, most of the spectre-ish graffiti came from... the store contains many t-shirts with similar characters. And those t-shirts are really, really fucked up.. far more disturbing than the graffiti)

"Smile! Motherfucker"

"nona doggystyle"



"untitled 4"