AROUND TOWN : Reykjavik, Iceland, June 21st - June 24th, 2004

(Note: these pics are not necessarily in chronological order. The weather may change quickly in Iceland, but not as quickly as this series may suggest)

The wood man -- the man made out of wood -- etc.

Poster for Lou Reed (due to play there August 20th, unless you read this after this date)

Poster for Placebo (due to play there July 7th, unless you read this after this date)

Dogma fashion shop windowfront

Inside CD/record store 12 Tónar, about to go downstairs for Rokk

"Fighting Shit/Brothers Majere/Hopeless Regret/Hryggjandi Sannleikuv/Innvortis/Terminal Wreckage" Flyer for seemingly hardcore/punk show happening in town.. don't know if any or all of these bands are necessarily Icelandic, but probably most.

People are listed alphabetically by their first name in Icelandic phone books. (Confidential to Chris P., SEE? I TOLD YOU!)

Street shot -- Laugavegur

Another shot of street Laugavegur

Above shot of street Bankstræti

Sad statue

Shot of street Bankstræti (with confined sad statues)


An art space with a strange array of these seemingly, um, shaped wax things each in its own kaleidoscope

This, needless to say, freaked me out when I saw it. So, of course, I took a photo of it. (Speaking of which, the much famed Icelandic Phallological museum -- a museum that exhibits penises of a large variety of animals in formaldehyde -- has now recently moved to a town near Akureyri, second largest city in Iceland, in the north part of the country, due to a bidding war for tourist reasons I suppose.. so no dicks for me other than, uh, this.)

I got lost trying to find a chemist/drugstore/pharmacy that was open after 9pm to help alieve some throat problems I had due to a minor cold I started right when I arrived, and I happened upon the Ásmundur Sveinsson museum. So I begin taking photos... here's a sampling of the structures outside the museum itself (which was closed)

Random street sign shot (Þingholtsstræti)... borders on qualifying for the graffiti section, although a "?" is hardly anything.

Relaxing to a nice large can of Egils Gull beer at the end of the day. They provided two of these in my guesthouse refrigerator with a suggested donation of 500 kronur each (at this time, around $6US). Gull must be the PBR equivalent in Iceland. Also noteworthy -- Egils, the company who made this, also makes soft drinks. Hell, it was good enough beer for my cold, 'nuff said.

A house near the harbor, and a statue

Hallgrimskirkja church -- tallest structure in Iceland. (I stayed at a guesthouse right next to it, just off to the right with the little white sign, up the street Skólavörðustígur... this pic was taken at 10:35pm)

Closeup of Hallgrimskirkja, with statue of the Lief (donated by the U.S. in 1930)